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In Game Rules

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In Game Rules Empty In Game Rules

Post  Adams Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:49 pm

In Game Rules Uit3u

If you choose not to follow these simple rules you'll be kicked
and permanently denied to join this faction/gang.

In Character

  • Always listen to ranks 5+
  • Don't betray any members unless told to by rank 6+
  • Never deal weapons/drugs/materials alone
  • Don't ever roll without a homie/member
  • Don't engage in any gang war without rank 4+ consent

Out of Character

  • Don't be a /b whiner
  • Don't metagame, powergame, ect.
  • If you choose to leave you accept a CK
  • Always follow the RC-RP gang rules
  • Follow the RC-RP server rules
  • Never OOC mess around
  • Don't sprint/run without a /me
  • Don't ALWAYS have armour on
  • Listen to rank 5+'s
  • Don't be trigger happy
  • Duck and cover in drive-bys
  • ^ Roleplay FEAR

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